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How Much Does It Cost to Repair a Garage Door in San Diego?

Every now and then, defects and damages can happen in any part of your house, especially in Garage Door which is a part that you use very often because of lots of times you take your vehicle in or out of it. A garage door is one of the most prominent parts of your property as it provides an extra layer of security to your vehicles. It is also a main entry point, thus it is vital to keep it in tip top condition to grab the attraction of visitors. But whenever it comes to garage repair, one thing that comes in everyone’s mind is how much does it cost to repair a garage door.

Garage repairing cost varies according to the type of repair, parts involved, size & type of the door and the labor cost a company charges for repairing. Also repairing cost depends upon which part of the garage door needs to be repaired – whether its broken springs, rollers, cables, tracks, drums or panels. Generally, an average cost to repair garage door ranges from $100 to $400 approximate.

Here is the guide to help you know what the average cost of garage door repair is.

Labor Charges

No matter what kind of repair you need for your garage door, the technician will take his labor charges from you. Basically, labor cost will be on hourly basis, ranges from $50 to $100. If you live in remote location, labor charges will be extra as the technician has to travel beyond to reach at your place. So, while hiring a garage door repairing company, never forget to discuss their labor charges with them.

Types of Damaged Needed to be Repaired

There are various types of repairs that almost every type of door needs, even the best quality ones. And all of the parts’ repairing cost varies. So, in order to estimate the average cost of your garage door repair, make sure which parts of your door are needed to be repaired.

  • Broken Rollers: A roller can be broken for any garage door. So, it should be repaired or replaced timely. But, repairing a roller is a cost-effective solution as compared to replacing it. Repairing a roller basically costs $10 to $15 only.
  • Broken Springs: As we know that a garage door bears the heavy load, thus its parts can be broken any time, especially garage door spring. Basically, it’s repairing cost ranges from $100 and $300, depending upon the size and type of spring.
  • Broken Cables: A cable is an essential part of your garage door as it performs various functions such as keeping the spring in place and keeping the counterbalance for your door in position. So, it must be in well-working condition. If it breaks, it should be repaired immediately as it costs just $75 to $150.
  • Damaged Panel: A panel is the main part of a garage door and might get dented from accidents or kids sports like basketball, tennis or soccer. It can be repaired by a technician by patching the holes and covering the cracks without replacing the complete door just at the cost ranging from $150 to $400.

If you have any of the above damages, it’s time to get your garage door repaired by the professional technicians of Precise Garage Doors. We’ve repairing experience with all weather conditions, shapes and sizes to ensure your garage door is maintained in a way that guarantees the longest life possible. Call us today to set an appointment to discuss your garage door repair problem!