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How to Fix a Cracked Garage Door Panel?

A garage door is a vital aspect of a home as it is used multiple times a day when leaving or returning home. But with regular use, garage doors are often subject to daily wear and tear. So, it becomes vital to fix it on time. Most of the garage doors are constructed of panels which can crack with age or due to any accident. Have you found a crack in your garage door? Don’t panic and think about ‘how to fix the cracked garage door panel’ as soon as possible. Each garage door is different. Depending upon its size, material, and the damage type, garage door panels can be repaired accordingly. Here, we’re covering why garage door panels become cracked and what to do to fix them.

Reasons Why Garage Door Panels Become Cracked

Let’s have a look at some of the most common reasons why a garage door panel becomes cracked:

·         Changes in Temperature: Major changes in the temperature can lead to cracked garage door panels. If your area has a significant difference between the daytime and nighttime temperature, then there may be the possibility to notice the cracks in your garage door panel.

·         Age Factor: As a garage door gets older, it becomes weak to pests or other type of damages. That’s why your door panel must be serviced once a year to minimize the possibility of crack or any other damage.

·         Water Can Cause Cracks: If the water stays in your garage, it could allow water droplets to abbreviate on the garage door panels. Thus, the moisture eats away the panel over time, which results in panel cracks.

Fixing a Garage Door Panel

Depending on the garage door material and the type of damage, fixing a panel varies accordingly. If there are multiple cracks in the panel, you may want to consider the panel replacement, otherwise repairing is enough.

Type of Damage

Small Damage: If there is small damage that is caused by hitting a basketball, baseball or any other small thing, then it is wise to get it fixed or filled with some patch work.  Even a small dent can weaken the door over time which can turn into a crack, thus it should be fixed on time.

Large Damage: If the damage on your garage door panel has grown older and can’t be saved, then it may be time to replace the panel. It can happen when a vehicle has hit the panel and the door becomes unable to open.

Wrapping Up

So, fixing the garage door panel totally depends upon the type of damage.  Whether the damage is small or large, you should call a reputed garage door repairing company such as Precise Garage Doors to repair or replace your garage door panel. Our technicians have years of experience in fixing each and every type of damage. They will inspect your door and fix the cracked panel or discuss the installation of a new panel if it can’t be saved with repairing.

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