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What to Know About Garage Door Openers?

Having a garage means you can go to bed at night without having to be bothered about your car being parked out in the open. Also, you don’t have to worry about scratches, dew drops, dust, rain and most importantly, gifts from birds on the car roof. All in all, a garage door works as a security guard for you and your vehicle too. On an average, a garage door opens and closes at least 1500 times per year. That’s why; a broken garage door opener is a major problem that should be repaired or replaced immediately. If the fault is minor, then it can be repaired. But if the fault is major, then you are advised to install the new one.

Garage door opener installation is not an easy task as it seems. Though garage door openers installation is today a lot easier than years ago, but it can’t be done by own as it needs a lot of skills. Before buying a garage door opener, you should aware of which type of door opener you need. There are many types of unites available in the market today. But the basic types that are commonly used are automatic and remotely activated.

So, is it a time for new installation? Here are some important things that you need to know about garage door openers and their installation process.

Reasons You Need a New Garage Door Opener

First of all, you should aware of why you need the new garage door opener. Here are the reasons why it is the time to consider a garage door opener installation:

  • If your garage door opener is more than 10 years old, then it’s the time to install a new one.
  • If your garage door opener sounds too much, then you are advised to replace it with new one.
  • When you consider your garage door opener lacks the convenient features of a modern garage door opener.
  • If there are ongoing mechanical issues with your garage door which affects its reliability, then it’s time to install the new one.

Types of Garage Door Openers

While there are various types of garage door openers available in the market, you should choose the right one according to your choice. Here is the list of various types available:

  1. Chain Drive Openers: It is one of the most common types as it can suit on all types of doors with various heights and widths. This type is also affordable and uses the chain for moving the door as the name suggests. It has a chain like bicycle chain which is attached to trolley that is attached to the motor that opens and closes the garage door.
  2. Belt Drive Openers: This type of door also operates similar to chain drive. In this type, chain is replaced with belt, thus a little bit costlier as compared to chain drive, but operates more quickly.
  3. Jack Shaft Openers: This type of garage door opener has a powerful motor that adjusts a torsion spring which helps in lowering and raising the garage door. This type has ultra-quiet DC motor and computerized system.

How Much Does Garage Door Opener Installation Cost

After choosing the right type of garage door, next thing that comes in mind is how much a garage door opener installation cost? The basic range of cost is between $120 and $300, depending on the type of door you are choosing. And the labor cost varies depends upon the company you are choosing and their charges.

Choose a Garage Door Installation Expert

Whether you are a first time garage owner or need to replace your existing garage door opener, the installation process can be undertaken by a professional. Because they perform the garage door installation on daily basis and know everything very well.

So, schedule a free consultation with Precise Garage Doors today for professional garage door installation services!