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Windows and Your Garage Doors: What You Should Know

A garage door with windows can be beautiful to look at and beneficial to homeowners but they can also be considered safety hazards. We would urge you to consider every option when deciding to fit windows into your new or old garage door. Let’s discuss what the benefits might be versus the hazards garage door windows might present you.


Natural Light:
Many homeowners today love to have a naturally lit room. And you should not think of your garage as any different from other rooms when it comes to the mood it can convey. Garage door windows can offer a source of natural light coming through that might be just the bit to perk your mood in the mornings.

Windows in your garage door can not only enhance the beauty and craftsmanship of the door itself but also of your home’s the outside view. Nothing looks better than a well-designed garage door that fits the style of your home, and garage door windows could be what end up tying it all together.


Open View:

Windows offer a view into your garage door that could pose a threat if the wrong person were to wander past. Valuables and more will be no secret in your garage, and this can cause some danger not only for your possessions but for your family as well.

Not Efficient:

Using your garage door for parking your car or keeping belongings in the garage is the normal to use for that space. Adding in windows to the garage door will not change the energy efficiency at all as your opener is already set to do its job from the get-go.

After you’ve taken the time to think about whether or not you want to install windows into your garage door and have properly weighed up the pros and cons. We’d like to suggest you give Precise Garage Doors in San Diego, CA a call.

Precise Garage Doors is well equipped to help you obtain the best quality windows for your garage door. From picking the correct material for the frames to avoid fading over time to making sure your windows are made of real glass to stop them from being scratched easily, we have got you covered.

Your safety is our top priority, top-mounted windows are what we’ll suggest and insist on. The option to have them frosted or tinted to keep prying eyes from checking in is also available and recommended.

We’ll make sure that your energy efficiency is kept to a high standard as well by using double pane windows which also add to the safety of your beautiful new door and offer some protection against possible breaks.

Contact Precise Garage Doors today, we’ll have a friendly professional technician help you through the process of deciding whether or not garage door windows are something you’re truly interested in as well as installing them at the best price possible.